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Recent studies have found that, on average, a physician completes 15 to 20 applications per year and spends 1 to 2 hours per application completing the required forms. The time to credential one physician alone could reach 40 hours.


VanatagePoint's Credentialing team can help with the following services:


• Collection of data from provider (physician or any ancillary provider)

• Set up, maintenance and storage of all provider information in our credentialing database

• Request applications from identified third party payers (private and government)

• Application for NPI (National Provider Identifier)

• Registration with and maintenance of national CAQH database as mandated

• Review all required attachments for applications

• Preparation, submission and follow up on all applications

• Tracking of all provider numbers and effective dates in our database

• Notification of approval by third party payers

• Management of re-credentialing process

Dependable, on time, conscientious, detail oriented, focused on my needs, responsible and above all, accurate.


These are the words I use to describe VantagePoint. Having VantagePoint is like having an assistant to help alleviate some of my workload. They’re always available to help by phone or email when I have a question.  Their answers I’m confident are correct, they do the research for me. For projects, I’m confident the work will be completed accurately and on time.


The difference between VantagePoint and other companies is they listen, they understand how our company works and therefore have become an asset to our business.

Darlene P. Egan, Practice Manager

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