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Whether for a new practice, or for a new provider within your practice, credentialing can be a lengthy, cumbersome and resource intensive process. VantagePoint HealthCare Advisors can assist you by managing this process in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our credentialing specialists will relieve you of this burden and insure that denials for non-credentialed providers come to an end.


We do more than just complete forms! We assist our clients in identifying third party payers panels they may consider and guide them through contracting and reimbursement negotiations, if applicable.


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We have been providing credentialing services to medical practices, hospitals, LTAC's, non-profits, and other healthcare entities for over 15 years.


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What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is the process of obtaining and reviewing the documentation (licensure, certifications, insurance, etc.) of health professionals.


VantagePoint’s credentialing specialists relieve practices of this labor-intensive and administrative nightmare. We register providers with CAQH, complete all necessary payer applications, stay connected to payers during the credentialing process and keep you informed of the progress. Our own credentialing database alerts us to overdue applications, missing information, and slow responders.

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